Full Time Program

 UPNS’s school year runs from mid-September to mid-June and loosely follows the New York City public school calendar.

School hours for all children are Monday through Friday from 9am – 3pm, following a transition period with shorter hours at the beginning of the school year. Children bring their own lunch, which they eat in the classroom, followed by rest time.   While we do not offer a part time program, we are happy to support families who prefer to have their children rest at home.


Tuition for 2020-21 is $18,990.  Tuition for the 2021-22 school year will also be $18,990. 


UPNS offers three classrooms, each serving a different age group. We choose to keep our class sizes smaller than what is allowed by the state and have certified teachers in all classrooms.


The Blue Room  10 children ages 2 and 3 with 2 teachers (children must be 2 by September 15 to be eligible for the Blue Room)

The Yellow Room 12 to 14 children age 3 with 2 teachers

The Orange Room 15 to 17 children ages 3 and 4 with 2 teachers

Pre-K Program

UPNS offers a high-quality pre-k program. We do not participate in the DOH pre-K, which gives us the freedom to develop and design long term, in depth curriculum based on current research and in response to the children’s interests. We do not use worksheets. Children develop academically through play, building emergent math and literacy skills and creating their own props necessary for imaginative play. The pre-k program has a huge area for dramatic play and block building which offer ample opportunities for play, collaboration and exploration. We use the city as a workshop and resource for learning through the addition of field trips and professional experts in their fields of study. Children eat lunch in their classroom with their teachers. They enjoy being the biggest kids at the school. UPNS pre-k children go out in all weather over 25°F. On days when it is too cold, we use our indoor play space for active play which includes a play structure with a climbing wall, musical instruments and STEM materials.


Enrichment Programs and Facilities


The school has access to a gated outdoor playground across the street in Washington Square Village. Children also have nature based learning with an on-site garden and The Oak Grove, a small urban forest full of leaves, birds, sticks, acorns, rocks, and plenty of dirt.  Children have also been having outdoor school as we have a permit for the Avenue of the Americas park.

Children from all three classrooms attend enrichment classes several times a week. All classrooms participate in a weekly music program at the school. Children also have weekly yoga classes at a neighborhood studio and our youngest children have movement and dance in the classroom.




photo_afterschoolAlthough we are not currently offering an afterschool program (our Covid-19 protocols prevent children from different classes from mixing),  the afterschool program typically starts in late September and ends in June.  It is split into fall, winter, and spring sessions.   Tuition is billed by trimester.

The program hours are 3pm – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  After-school is taught by different staff members, each with a unique program.  We offer Arts and Crafts, Science, Cooking, and Movement and Dance.

Currently enrolled children ages 3 through 5 are welcome to participate in this program.

Children can be accepted on a drop-off basis when space is available.



Summer Camp

UPNS offers summer camp from the last week in June through July for currently enrolled children. This rich program is packed with fun, including weekly field trips, cooking, art projects such as working with plaster, spin art, hat making, water color, wood collage, marble painting and melted crayon painting. There is also music, plenty of outdoor play and lots of time under the sprinklers. Enrollment is on a per-week basis and is capped at 17 children.  Summer camp is offered to currently enrolled UPNS children and alumni to age 6.